The Ray Camacho Band – Reach Out

* New reissue on Everland!
* A legendary album from a legendary master of latin music and disco funk
* For fans of late 70s Marvin Gaye, The Commodores, Blood Sweat & Tears
* A legendary crown jewel of the disco scene from the 1970s
* Original first pressings go for rediculously high prices
* Excellent sound and performance by high class professional musicians
* Fully licensed
* Remastered audio
* Ultimate collectors item for fans of late 70s disco funk

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This 1979 release is one of the two albums by the disco outfit THE RAY CAMACHO BAND with bandleader Ray Camacho, exploring the field of the funky club dance music happening at that time. Original copies of this brilliant album go for about 800 USD among collectors. Now the brand new reissue of “Reach Out” enables us booty shakers to get into the ever pulsating grooves. The needle lowers down and hits the vinyl and a beat like flashing lights sets in. Bass guitar, regular drums and percussions weave a tight web of rhythm patterns that capture your body right away and set you into a state of trance. You recognize Latin influences here and there, which become obvious when the horns blow out lush harmonies and relaxed but hot blooded melodies hit your ears. And indeed Ray Camacho actually comes from Latin music and he mixes both worlds very well on this record. A massive collection of sheer disco funk hits that will give you a joyful time spinning the record, but leave no time for a short breath. You will dance and dance and just dance to these perfectly produced and executed songs that stick to your mind for quite a long time after the music has faded. “Reach Out” is an all in all handmade album with burning performances of all instrumentalists, with an emphasize on the extended rhythm section. If you love your funky music slick and steaming, be welcome to get this vinyl!

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