Everland Psych 016_V/A - Mongolian Music from 70's - Vol. 1

V/A – Mongolian Music from 70’s Vol. 1

* The golden era of Mongolian music! * A unique mix of jazz, rock, folk and ethno music * Ancient Mongolian instrumentations * Archive recordings, first ever made public! * For fans of Bayan Mongol, Soyol Erdene etc.

Everland-YU006_Marin Skrgatic - Dawn Of The Yugoslavian Prog-Rock Era (unreleased radio recordings 1970-1976)

Marin Skrgatic – Dawn Of The Yugoslavian Prog-Rock Era (unreleased radio recordings 1970-1976)

* First progressive rock arrangements recorded in Yugoslavia * Unreleased chronology from Croatia’s unsung rock hero (70-76) * Detailed liner notes on the evolution of the Marin Škrgatić Group * Fully licensed from the vaults of Croatian Radio Television * Remastered from original master tapes

Everland Afro 004_AFROMAGIC Vol.1 - Hypnotic Grooves & Ecstatic Moves

V/A – AfroMagic Vol.1 – Hypnotic Grooves & Ecstatic Moves

* The new afrofunky phonomancer’s DJ tool, especially mastered for clubs! * 44 minutes of deep Dancefloor Jams of African Disco, Funk, Boogie, Reggae & Proto House Music 1976-1981 * Every song is a deep dig and serious Dancefloor burner - NO fillers! * BPM for all songs written on sleeve and labels, for quick DJ action * First volume of a new series on Everland Afro, dedicated to extraordinary 70s and 80ies african club music * Limited edition in stunning psychedelic sleevedesign


Anthony `Reebop`Kwaku Bah

* available again! * Solo album from the percussionist of TRAFFIC and CAN * A boiling cauldron of polyrhythmic grooves and jazz improvisations with a strong early 70ies prog touch * Haunting Exotica jazz passages with “jungle” feel * From naughty swing and bebop to freaked out free jazz and enchanting soul jazz, spiced with a wide brass section * For fans of Osibisa, Eric Burden & War, Ginger Baker Airforce, Santana, Miles Davis,… all around 1969 to 1973

Eden Ahbez – Wild Boy: The Lost Songs Of Eden Ahbez (Uncut Studio Recordings)

* Unreleased and rare studio recordings by Eden Ahbez. * An essential collection of early psychedelic music. * Taken from Original Tapes and mastered by Grammy-nominated Jessica Thompson. * Available on CD and limited colored and black vinyl


Gabor Szabo – 1969

* The long awaited reissue of one of the bests albums of rare Eastern and psychedelic Jazz by the famous Hungarian guitarist. * Carefully remastered by prolific Grammy nominated sound engineer Jessica Thompson * For fans of Grant Green, John Abercrombie, Pat Martino, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, Tal Farlow. * Ultimate collector’s item for those who are deeply in Jazz and guitar music. * Available on limited CD and VINYL with original artworks.


Scott Seskind – Scott Seskind

* The first official reissue of the self-released, self-produced and self-titled lo-fi singer/songwriter jewel from 1985 * Participant in well-known compilations like "Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours Volume One" (by Re:warm) and "Sky Girl" (by Efficient Space) * Carefully remastered by prolific Grammy nominated sound engineer Jessica Thompson * For fans of Jackson C. Frank, PF Sloan, Skip Spence, and Phil Orchs while never feeling derivative. * Available on limited CD and VINYL with original artworks

Kola Beldy – White Island

* Unique progressive Ethno Art Pop from Nanaian/Jurchen/Manchurian ancient culture * Kola Baldy is the most popular Russian singer of Nanaian descent * Many ancient Nanaian instruments unusual in modern pop music can be heard here * First reissue ever on vinyl since the album came out in 1989 * Beldy's music is so unique, there's actually nothing to compare with. Let's carefully say: fans of Peter Gabriel, Goblin, Enya and Wardruna will love it * The vinyl edition comes with printed innersleeves and 3...

Jovan Maljoković Ensemble – The Uplifting Abyss

* repress coming in april 2023 * Previously unreleased Jazz-Funk LP from 70’s Yugoslavia * Crazy grooves, breaks, samples and smooth arrangements * Missing piece of Eastern Bloc Jazz history * Straight from the master tapes buried in the vaults of Radio Belgrade


Mariah – Utakata No Hibi

* NEW limited 200 copies orange vinyl edition out NOW! * A legendary yet long lost crown jewel from the early 80s Japanese Electronic and Jazz Rock scene * new powerful master, much appreciated by the artist * dbl.12" in UV-glossy laminated gatefold sleeve with OBI * includes A1 Poster 60x60cm and lyric sheet * vinyl comes in Japanese Katta innersleeves * Japan styled CD edition with printed innersleeve, OBI and 36x36cm poster