The Everland Music Group

Everland Music is a label concept of Marc Janssen and Calvin Arnold (RIP), to establish “The Funkiest Label in the World”. Label management in Netherlands, distribution in Austria.

Marc Janssen is not just a record collector; he’s also a music archivist, and an expert in soul and funk. “The initial idea came from an artist Calvin Arnold who granted me access to his publishing catalogue. During many conversations he mentioned that he would like me to start a label. He introduced me to the right people and helped me to get on the good side of the music business. He made sure that I had a fair chance working with his former colleagues.” – Marc Janssen

In 2018, Discogs published a wonderful article about Marc Janssen’s collection. See it here.

“At the moment Marc is music consultant & licenser for various parties. In his future projects, he would like to highlight more artists that – to his knowledge – have never been properly accredited, and also focus on great music that was shelved due to lack of marketing and distribution resources.” – Discogs, 2018