The Everland Music Group

Everland Music was established by Calvin Arnold (RIP) and Marc Janssen. The idea came from Calvin. He had an incredible publishing catalogue with music that deserved more attention and asked Marc to start a label. In Marc Janssen, music archivist, expert in soul and funk and record collector extraordinaire, he found the perfect partner. Together they created “The Funkiest Label in the World”.

Everland Music offers a platform for music (re)discovery. We want to highlight artists who – to our knowledge – have never been properly accredited. We focus on great music that was shelved due to lack of marketing and distribution resources. And Marc is always on the lookout for more fantastic music to release!

You can listen to all our releases online before purchasing, and we ship vinyl records & CDs worldwide for the cheapest shipping rates around. Follow us Facebook or Instagram, or sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be the first to hear about our new releases.

We hope you enjoy (re)discovering our favorite music!

The Everland Music Team