Hot In Here – Hot In Here

* Sunny and joyful late 70s soul pop album
* An album made for those who love to dance to The Fifth Dimension, Paul Zaza and the likes
* Disco legend Paul Zaza was involved as a producer
* Excellent sound and performance by high class professional musicians
* First official rerelease on CD
* Fully licensed
* Remastered audio
* Collectors item for fans of funky 1970s soul pop

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WAREHOUSE FIND! Available again after a long time now! Order asap to ensure fill! Plenty hot in here ” thanks to some great grooves from this obscure clubby combo ” one who work here with some tight disco arrangements from Paul Zaza! The approach is definitely on the warmer side of the disco style of the time ” lots of great earthy rhythms at the core, and tight live instrumentation that riffs along nicely with the grooves ” and almost gives the record the feel of late 70s gems on Prelude or TK! Like the former label, some of the longish tracks here seem to focus first on the instrumentation, and only second on the vocals ” which are sung by a trio of two gals and one guy ” giving the whole thing a funky disco style that’s mighty nice. Titles include “The Gasworks”, “Me Myself & I”, “Go Go Disco”, “Makin Waves”, “Hot To Trot”, “Burbank Robber”, and “We Got Love”.

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