LP 180g heavy vinyl in a very special laminated, mega-heavy gatefold cover from 1200g/m2 carton. “Jack Of All Trades” was a amazing Undergound Psychedelic Rock group from Athens/Greece. The band existed for almost a decade (mid-80’s to mid-90’s) and disbanded unexpectably, because of the death of Panagiotis Kiritsis (guitarist) in a car accident. They released a self-titled mini-album in 1990 and an album in 1995, titled “Just Before Unfair Loss”. “Around and Away” now contains wonderful unreleased songs recorded in 1990/91. The songs ‘Around and Away,’ ‘Martin’ and ‘Wait’ were recorded in a Four Track recorder at the band’s studio in 1990. ‘Eternity Bound,’ ‘It’s Too Late,’ and ‘Inside Out’ were recorded in a Four Track Recorder at the band’s studio in 1991. ’Sparrow Song’ and ‘Ha’ were two of the group’s first songs composed in 1987 and recorded in 1990.

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Weight 330 g