The Bayan Mongol Variety Group – Эстрадын “Баян Монгол” Чуулга

* Jazzrock / Brassrock / Folkrock from a Mongol band during the Soviet era
* Fans of ethnical pop mixed with western soul and jazz rock will love this
* A legendary yet long lost crown jewel from the late 70s Mongol pop scene
* Excellent sound and performance by high class professional musicians
* Long awaited and overdue rerelease on vinyl.
* Remastered audio
* Ultimate collectors item for fans of 70s ethno rock

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The Bayan Mongol Variety Group existed from the early ’70s to the late ’80s. After the collapse of the USSR, the ensemble began to experience serious difficulties with funding and booking concerts, and finally disintegrated, after which the participants lost contact with each other. Fortunately, thanks to efforts from the fans, some old contacts were reestablished, key records and sound sources were dug up, and now this historical record is released again. File under funk, jazz rock, prog rock, or psychedelic rock. Reissued in cooperation with the band.

NEW album of ultra-rare 7″ songs and many unreleased early songs coming on EVERLAND soon!
The band on the album cover is NOT Bayan Mongol, but SOYOL ERDENE, which will be reissued on Everland in early summer 2019 too, also in collaboration with the band.
The band photos of the 2 bands were mixed up by the original Russian label Melodia back in the 70ies, Bayan Mongol is an orchestra with around 60 people.

TRACKLIST: 1. Баян Монгол (Bayan Mongol) / 2. Хорвоо амгалан байг (May There Always Be Peace) / 3. Орь залуу нас (Youth) / 4. Аяны Шувууд (Birds Of Passage) / 5. Хангайн магтаал (Glorifying The Khangai Valley) / 6. Аавдаа (To My Own Father) / 7. Жалам хар (A Black Horse) / 8. Алсаас дуулсан дуу (I Sing For You From Afar) / 9. Арван найман нас (Eighteen Years Old) / 10. Эхийн тухай дуу (Song Of Mother) / 11. Амрыг айлтгая (How Do You Do) / 12. Мөрөөдөл (I Miss You)

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