Sondi Sodsai – Sondi

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First time reissued on CD outside of Asia! Sondi Sodsai represented Thailand in the Miss Universe 1959 beauty pageant. She went by the alias “Sondi Sodsai” in her acting career because her last name “was too difficult for foreigners to pronounce“. The same year her sole album “Sondi” was released on Liberty Records in the USA. The fact that it was produced by the star of the Exotica scene; Martin Denny, led (and still leads) to a huge interest in this record. Lot’s of new songs where written for this album, but the classic hit of the day, “Bali Hai” somehow seemed to be a must in the selected tracks. It’s a welcomed alternation to hear some not Hawaii/Tiki influenced Exotica here, which counts to the rather seldom cases. TRACKLIST: 1. Sondi (2:48) • 2. Rose, Rose, I Love You (2:35) • 3. Buddha Knows (3:18) • 4. China Nights (Shina No Yoru) (2:07) • 5. Siamese Cat Song (2:05) • 6. Love Dance (2:26) • 7. Burma Train (2:32) • 8. Buffalo Song (2:31) • 9. Bali Hai (2:33) • 10. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (1:56) • 11. Song Of India (2:55) • 12. Japanese Farewell Song (Sayonara) (2:31)