Pop Masina – Na Izvoru Svetlosti

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SPECIAL OFFER! In the mid 1970s Yugoslavia was a country with a very rich musical landscape, especially in the field of rock and hard rock. Somewhere in between both categories POP MASINA have found their place. “Na izvoru svetlosti” is their second album and again shows the two faces of this legendary band. There are steaming and rough edged hard rock compositions and a live recording of a sleazy, boiling heavy blues that shatters your soul with its rough and crunchy feel despite the really transparent and voluminous sound. Embedded in between those ripping guitar driven beasts you find a few more solemn and gentle pieces that grab your heart instantly with their dreamy and longing harmonies. No matter if these pieces are dressed in lush arrangements of organ and string quartet patterns or float through your soul with a relaxed west coast groove and beautiful slide guitars, your heart will open wide and be filled with love in sheer purity. POP MASINA really go for this diversity to blow your mind with a kaleidoscope of sounds and feelings. Even within some of the heavy scorchers you have mellow sections with a thought provoking, slightly melancholic mood. And this works utterly well with one who loves picturesque rock music that drives visions to one’s mind while listening. Fans of Hungarian gods OMEGA, mellow kraut hard rock like JANE, EPITAPH or KIN PING MEH and eastern power pop in the vein of CZESŁAW NIEMEN will go nuts for this smoker!

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