Pop Masina – Kiselina

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SPECIAL OFFER! They’re comin’ to your town to rock your party down. They’re a Yugoslavian band. And the name is POP MASINA! They have the Grand Funk running through their veins while cruising down the railroad with a steaming iron horse and there is even more in it that will make your heart pump the blood faster. POP MASINA were one of the most outstanding 70s rock and hard rock acts from former Yugoslavia and knew to combine groovy power songs with ethereal ballads and dreamy psyche tunes to blow your mind. The gentle songs show an unearthly beauty and drag you into spiritual depths you never explored before. When POP MASINA go for more power in their performance they lay down an earth shaking groove upon which the guitars and organs get into a wild dance with each other. And especially the vocals with lyrics in their native tongue prove the pop sensibility of the band with memorable melodies that still dig down deep into your soul to light a fire there. And POP MASINA do not even stop before some wicked and twisted jazzy progressive rock to add even more colors to the already shiny and adventurous music. Fans of bands like LOCOMOTIV GT from Hungary, PHOENIX from Romania and US rock in the vein of SIR LORD BALTIMORE, BLOODROCK and GRAND FUNK RAILROAD will find joy and passion in this band. Now stop reading and start grooving.