Peter Ulrich (ex. Dead Can Dance) – Pathways And Dawns

* The album from widely drummer/percussionist of legendary Dead Can Dance and This Mortal Coil.
* First time on vinyl
* Fans of 4AD label, Dead Can Dance, Hector Zazou, Cocteau Twins
* Excellent sound and studio remastering by Martin Bowes (Attrition)
* taken from the ORIGINAL MASTERS
* LP, black vinyl in heavy covers and printed inner sleeve.

Label / IF-103LP
Barcode: 8016670145110
Originally released in: 1999
Release date: 9/7/2020
Format: LP
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We are very excited to bring you a new IFP release – the first vinyl
edition of Peter Ulrich’s debut solo album “Pathways And Dawns”.
Widely known for his past work as drummer/percussionist with legendary
Dead Can Dance and contributor to 4AD’s This Mortal Coil, Ulrich emerges here as a writer of hauntingly beautiful melodies
and deeply poetic lyrics. “Pathways And Dawns” is packed with driving
rhythms and meditative ritual patterns of percussion. With some
inspired guitar-work, arrangement and production from DCD mastermind Brendan Perry,
the result is a pure delight…

The album was recorded in two parts, the first in England in 1990,
and the second after a long time break in 1996-97, by Brendan Perry
at DCD’s Quivvy Church studio in Ireland. The album was released on CD
in 1999 on the US label Projekt and was dubbed by critics as “the
album the Beatles might have made had the group signed with 4AD
instead of Capitol” and “a wonderful collection of songs that, while in the 4AD school, shimmers with an inner lightness that makes it very different “.

This absolute masterpiece of spiritual music, so badly wanted on vinyl for so long,
is available now. Mastered from Original master takes by Martin Bowes


“His first album is a remarkable piece moving on the edge between ethnic and medieval art pop music” – SideLine
“Ulrich’s gifts as composer, percussionist and vocalist win over the listener… The excellent “Nocturne” is Beatlesque, with Spanish guitar and rich orchestral bridges, and “The Springs of Hope” sounds swiped from the same album the Fab Four might have made had they signed with 4AD instead of Capitol. The closing track “Time and a Word”, recalls late 70s Eno, nicely rounding our a release that leaves one wanting more.” – Alternative Press
“Pathways and Dawns is a wonderful collection of songs that, while in the 4AD School, shimmers with an inner lightness that makes it very different from any other 4AD album.” – Lexicon
“Ulrich makes his own way… from the majestic epic of the ten years old soldier “Taqaharu” to the joyous celebration of the source of inspiration on The Springs of Hope… dreamy lyrics a la Syd Barrett… This is a fine album by an artist I’d love to hear more from soon.” – Ink Nineteen
“It’s beautiful… it’s also very interesting in its choice of world-sound crossovers and skillful lyrics… Emotionally poignant, poetic and in its own way, experimental.” – New Age Voice
“Ulrich successfully incorporates graceful folk music, powerful tribal beats and soothing synths into one enchanting full length effort” – Outburn

Taqaharu’s Leaving
Always Dancing
Life Amongst The Black Sheep
Journey Of Discovery
The Springs Of Hope
Time And A Word

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