Mark Sparling – A Short Hike (OST)

* First pressing, hand-numbered and limited to 500 copies

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In collaboration with creator Adam Robinson-Yu, composer Mark Sparling, and art designer Saffron Aurora, Stumpy Frog Records has pressed the soundtrack to the IGF Award-winning indie hit A Short Hike to deluxe vinyl.
A story doesn’t have to be epic to be life-changing. A Short Hike has players join the adventurous bird Claire as she hikes, climbs, and soars through the peaceful mountainside landscapes of Hawk Peak provincial park during a holiday trip with her Aunt. Mark Sparling soundtracks her adventure with uplifting, melancholic, and serene tunes, while Saffron Aurora’s art design adorns the limited release of A Short Hike on wax.
This limited, hand-numbered release collects the full soundtrack to the critically acclaimed indie darling on colored vinyl with exclusive artwork on a deluxe gatefold jacket. The inner sleeve also includes a recreation of the Hawk Peak provincial park trail guide.
Every copy comes with 1 of 5 different ‘Polaroid’ fridge magnets depicting choice moments taken during Claire’s trip!
First pressing, hand-numbered and limited to 500 copies

A1. Beach Buds
A2. Somewhere In The Woods
A3. See You At The Top
A4. Snow, Lots Of Snow
A5. Hello
A6. A Short Flight
B1. Somewhere In The Woods (Long Hike)
B2. Race Me
B3. Nap Time
B4. Boat Buds

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