In Gowan Ring – Visions Of Sahdows That Shine

Label / IGRVCD
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Release date: 2016
Format: CD
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“Visions of Shadows that Shine” (ie: Serpent and Dove ‘bonus’ album) is a collection in extempore arrangement, of songs that have accompanied B’ee throughout these seasons -playing with friends in the open air or in private chambers, in the sun or around the fire- while working with the original material on ‘The Serpent and the Dove’. Certain pieces are considered intrinsically related to this album, having attended the entire process, while others are rather spontaneously included in these late hours.

1. Changes I
2. The Vision Of The Face In The Well
3. Pied Piper
4. Days And Nights
5. Blessings Of The Day
6. Across The Universe
7. Attics Of My Life
8. The River
9. Garden Of Love
10. Changes II

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