El Chicles – Viva Tirado

* Beautiful compilation featuring the cream of the Persian beat scene from the 1960s
* Fans of Ventures, Shadows, Beatles and Rolling Stones will enjoy this in case they have a fondness for Persian language for the lyrics
* One of the scarce opportunities to discover the western oriented pop music from the pre revolutionary days in Iran
* Utterly infectuous compilation with the best Persian 60s rock acts
* Excellent sound and performance by high class professional musicians
* Long awaited and overdue release of this compilation on CD
* CD Version comes with 10 bonustracks, so 27 songs all in all
* Remastered audio
* Ultimate collectors item for fans of exotic 1960s beat

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Reissue of 1970 Latin Rock album. El Chicles were a Belgian studioband, but sounds like an instrumental version of the most legendary Santana songs. Highly recommended to any fans of 70’s Rock as well as anyone who’s into Latin sounds of previous decades! Tracklist: 1. Viva Tirado (Part I) (3:58) / 2. Ode To Billy Joe (4:08) / 3. Caravan (2:47) / 4. At Nee-Ko (3:48) / 5. Como Estas (2:35) / 6. Drug Bay (3:38) / 7. In The Summertime (2:50) / 8. Nuts (2:52) / 9. I’m A Man (3:05) / 10. Viva Tirado (Part II) (4:17)